Follow me, PAC-MAN, to a magical land of inter-dimensional awesome – where you and your whole crew will blast 8-bit baddies in our social gaming lounge, share shareable foods like sushi & tapas in our restaurant, and most importantly, discover what it means to Play Together Again.

How about an origin story?

As masters of the original PAC-MAN know, Level 256 is the infamous, game-ending ‘kill screen'. PAC-MAN Entertainment is what comes next. Brought to you by the audacious minds at NAMCO USA, this is a new dimension of sociability – where every moment is shared, every experience is social and everyone is in the game.

Shared Dining

Dig into our menu, and you’ll discover fully shareable troves of culinary delight (and even the occasional “Pooka”). TAKE-OUT now available!! Call 847.805.0257 for orders!

Shareable Plates


We Don't Call Them "Shareables" For Nothing.

Shareables Menu



Some of You Just Want Your Own Plate, Gosh Darn It.

Entree Menu



When Breakfast & Lunch Love Each Other Very Much...

Brunch Menu



Dessert Grew Up And It's Lookin' Good.

Dessert Menu

Crafts for the Whole Crew

We have an armada of craft beer, fine wine and top-shelf whiskey to keep you nice & toasty over the frozen fields of Hoth.



Elite Crafts for Your Squad.

Beer List



Reds & Whites From a Long Time Ago.

Wine List



Specialties From a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Cocktail List

The Ultimate Social Experience

We've brought together an arsenal of high-caliber multiplayer experiences, nostalgic throwbacks and high-tech simulations that will send jaws to the floor - all to bring you & your crew together like never before.

Social Gaming Lounge


Old-school Classics Meet New-Age Experience.

Social Gaming Lounge

Bowling for the Masses

In the 80's arcade classic Rolling Thunder, no one gets left behind. The same can be said for PAC-MAN Entertainment's low-key bowling, where shorter lanes mean everyone in your crew has a fighting chance.

First come basis